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RefurbMe is a comparison site for Apple refurbished products sold only by professional refurbishers.

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We do not fulfill orders directly to customers, but we redirect them instead to your e-commerce website to complete their order.

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Refurbished products are generally graded on a scale (e.g. Grade A, B, C or Excellent, Good, Fair)
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It should be updated in a near real-time so that we can alert customers as soon as a product is in stock. This product feed should have the following columns:
- Title
- Description
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- Price
- Warranty Duration
- Shipping Cost
- Return Policy Duration
- Product URL
- Affiliate Link
- Your internal SKU for the product
- Product category
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Since we do not fulfill orders made by customers. We use merchant's affiliate platform to get a commission for every sale generated thanks to RefurbMe.

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